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Music production services are delivered to the highest
sonic quality and range from initial tracking and
editing, to post production mixing for any medium.

Utilizing some of the finest audio tools ever created
AudioLot can deliver your project on CD, hard disk,
DVD, or send individual files wherever they are needed
using our high speed dedicated Internet connection.

We provide full production (engineering & producing)
or just engineering if you choose to use an outside
producer. We can score for film and create music
for your project, create sounds in addition to the
instruments you record, or bring in studio musicians
to complete your project.

AudioLot makes a point of bringing the client into every possible aspect of the project, should you have that desire. Our desk seats two people next to each other and the control room can accommodate additional people in the rear. From the control room to the custom vocal booth and live rooms, AudioLot has you taken care of every step of the way.

We are very serious about delivering an outstanding product for each and every client and we'll go above and beyond to meet your needs at every turn.

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