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SoundToys SoundBlender audio software multi effects plugin for Pro Tools TDM is pulled from the Eventide H3000 and DSP4000 and includes Dual Delay, Pitch-Shifting, Filters, Chorus, Flange and more

SoundBlender is built on the SoundToys legacy. Pulled from the classic Eventide H3000 and DSP4000 that the SoundToys engineers created, this is an extremely versatile, professional, multi effect processor. Already used by top audio engineers, guitarists, sound designers, and remixers, SoundBlender lets you have that pro sound for your mixes. Dual Delay, pitch-shifting, filters, chorus, flange, intelligent pitch-shifting and more. You can be sure that SoundBlender will fit the mix, and add that extra touch that makes your tracks stand out. We like to think of it as plugin creativity.

The Spice of Life

When it comes to spicing up the mix SoundToys wanted to make sure you had the right tool with the variety to fit your creative mood. SoundBlender's preset library covers the subtle to the Sci-Fi. A nice thick chorus to an octave shifted spiraling panner delay. A classic ducked echo to "The Zipper Effect" (you gotta hear this one). Granular rhythms, resonant sweeps, auto-panners, vibratos, and doublers, it's all in there.

Guitar God

Guitarists seem to be drawn to SoundBlender. Perhaps it because all the classic effects that finish off a great guitar sound are built right in. The SoundToys Intelligent Pitch-shifter was designed for guitar. Steve Vai knows this very well. He's a big fan and he knows a little bit about guitar. Combine that with the filters, chorus, tremolo, and echoes, and you have all the icing you need for your guitar cake. All that, of course, with automation and recalled with your mix. They've even got presets designed specifically for guitar.

Intelligent Design

Sound design for movies, gaming, and music is where SoundBlender really stands out. Create alien soundscapes, colossal ambiences, and outrageous vocal transformations. Turn a simple drum hit into the perfect break down fill effect (Remember that Zipper Effect we mentioned?), hit beat loops with bubbling filtered octaves to shake up the bridge, or create that epic intro. SoundBlender has already been used on hit movies, award winning video games and countless remixes. Dig in, fire up some presets, and see where SoundBlender take you and your mixes.


  • TDM Only (for now)
  • Also included in the SoundToys TDM Effects bundle
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP/Vista/7 (Must comply with Pro Tools compatibility) and have an iLok hardware key
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 7+, HD and HD Accel

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