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SoundToys PurePitch audio software plugin for Pro Tools TDM is the first pitch shifter that shifts vocal formants as well, allowing you to turn men into women, create natural doubling effects, harmonies, unisons, and more.

What's a formant? Think of it as timbre or voice quality. With control of both pitch and formant you can do more natural sounding vocal effects like harmony, unisons, and doubling. You can also turn men into women, and old into young. Starting to get what formant is? PurePitch give you tools to do all these things and more. A real vocal tool and voice toy all in one.

Live in Harmony

PurePitch has presets already set up for doing some common harmonies. You can automate pitch changes within the scale using their cool keyboard style layout. You can use PurePitch on each backing vocal to create even richer walls of sound, or totally new harmony lines. You can even use the formant control to add female harmonies to your all male backgrounds, or vice versa (Yes, our gender switching goes both ways.)

Pitch Shifting with Character

For character voices and game voice effects, it's PurePitch all the way. Aliens, robots, computers, demons, cute and fuzzy bunnies and a whole lot more. This tool has been used on major Sci-Fi based TV shows such as the new Star Trek series, Babylon Five, and in major motion pictures like Polar Express, to create unique voices or classic characters.

V. O. Dynamo

PurePitch also has a unique pitch dynamics function that makes spicing up a boring voice-over a breeze. Simply call up one of the many presets and PurePitch will add more highs and lows to give more life to monotonous voices. It can also go the other direction and tame a hyper sounding voice down to normal, or take a voice all the way to monotone. More control is what we are all about.


  • TDM Only (for now)
  • Also included in the SoundToys TDM Effects bundle
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP/Vista/7 (Must comply with Pro Tools compatibility) and have an iLok hardware key
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 7+, HD and HD Accel

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