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The SPL Track One is a complete mono channel strip including a microphone preamp, instrument DI, de-esser, 3 Band EQ, compressor, limiter, and optional Lundhal input transformer and A/D converter.

The SPL Track One is a perfect tool for the fast and safe recording of voices and instruments and meets the highest demands in sound quality and reliability while covering an unlimited application range from studio to live to post production applications.


  • Preamp stages optimized for all microphone types and instruments
  • SPL's De-Esser
  • Compressor/limiter stage
  • 3 band EQ stage
  • Output stage with metering
  • Balanced XLR and Jack connectors (parallel use possible)
  • Options: A/D converter and Lundahl input transformer

The intelligent, program dependent De-Esser and compressor stages combine the best possible sound with extreme ease of use and for stereo operation, two devices can be linked so that both compressors track together and are controlled from a single master unit.

Two separate precision preamplifiers, optimized for microphones (with 48 V phantom power) and instruments, ensure the lowest noise performance combined with an open, neutral sound while an LF cut filter is available to both inputs.

The De-Esser is one of the most effective designs available, unobtrusively and effectively removing unwanted sibilant S-sounds via a single control. Auto-threshold control circuitry ensures consistent processing even if the vocal level or the distance to the microphone varies leaving the operator to decide only how much sibilance to remove.

The compressor/limiter section displays excellent noise and distortion values and is operated via a single control. Its strength lies in its unobtrusive, musical method of operation where its parameters respond to the characteristics of the incoming signal.

The EQ section has been specifically designed to process vocals and acoustic or electronic instruments and the specifications are as follows:

  • Low Band filter:
    30 Hz to 720 Hz (cut/boost +/- 14 dB)
  • Mid Hi filter:
    650 Hz to 14 Hz (cut/boost +/-12 dB)
  • Air Band:
    Based on a coil/condenser filter with bell characteristic and a center frequency of 17.5 kHz, maximum cut/boost+/- 10 dB


  • Microphone Input
    • Frequency response:
      10 Hz-200 kHz (200 kHz = -3 dB)
    • Common mode rejection:
      1 kHz: -80 dB
      10 kHz: -68 dB (at -20 dBu)
    • THD & N (amplification A-weighted):
      20 dB -97,5dBu
      40 dB -91,0dBu
      65 dB -69,6 dBu
    • Dynamic response:
      115 dB
  • Instrument Input
    • Frequency response:
      10 Hz-180 kHz (180 kHz = -3 dB)
    • THD & N (amplification A-weighted):
      7 dB -98,4 dBu
      20 dB -95,8 dBu
      42 dB -77,2 dBu
    • Input impedance Line:
      12 kOhm
      Instr.: 1 MOhm
    • Max. input level Line:
      +25 dBu
      Instr.: +13 dBu
    • Dynamic response:
      115 dB
  • Outputs
    • Max. output level XLR/jack:
      +20 dBu
    • Output impedance:
      50 Ohm
  • Power Supply
    • Toroidal transformer:
      15 VA
    • Fuses:
      630 mA (115 V/60 Hz)
      315 mA (230 V/50 Hz)
  • Dimensions
    • Standard-EIA-19 inch/1U housing:
      482 x 44 x 210 mm
    • Weight:
      3.1 kg

The output amplification stage is adjustable over the range -20dB to +6 dB for optimal drive of subsequent units and the output is via balanced XLR and jack plugs that can be used in parallel if necessary. An A/D converter and a Lundahl input transformer can be provided as options.

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