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Here is a listing of all the products from SoundToys. Please choose the product you'd like detailed information on from the results below. The product image, info and options button, and product name are all links to the product they surround in order to make it easy to access the information you need.

SoundToys Product Listing:

Crystalizer Info and Options


Inspired by the Crystal Echoes preset in the H3000 this plug-in offers huge sonic manipulations

EchoBoy Info and Options


Analog delay, echo and chorus plug-in modeled after some of the great vintage gear

FilterFreak Info and Options


Analog filtering plugin allowing complete flexibility and modeled after classic filtering hardware

Native Effects Info and Options

Native Effects

Six plugin bundle for native workstations that want that fat warm analog sound in their mixes

PhaseMistress Info and Options


Classic phase shifting from some of the most sought after phase devices of all time

PitchDoctor Info and Options


Pitch correction tool featuring both automatic and score control modes to give you natural sounds

PurePitch Info and Options


Pitch shifting plugin that will shift vocal formants as well for natural sounding creations

SoundBlender Info and Options


Multi-effects plugin featuring dual delay, pitch-shifting, filters, chorus, flange and lots more

Speed Info and Options


Tempo and pitch control plugin with three different modes to get what you need without artifacts

TDM Effects Info and Options

TDM Effects

All the SoundToys plugins in one package for Pro Tools TDM, RTAS, AS, VST, and AU

Tremolator Info and Options


Tremolo effect plugin modeled after famous guitar amps and the Wurlitzer electric piano