Pro Audio Sales Support

Here at AudioLot we are committed to our customers both before and after the sales process. Perhaps you need to discuss a particular technique that can be used with your new gear, or maybe you need to get a bunch of questions answered before you make a decision on what piece you are going to purchase. Over the past few years we've been watching our customers carefully and have done our best to come up with the support options that make the most sense for everyone, no matter where in the world you may reside.

Here's a list of our support options:
(or give us a call at 323.464.9900)

Talk! Message Forums:

Post messages and get responses from both AudioLot consultants and users from around the world. We put together a few categories to help make posting questions and information (as well as searching for answers/responses) quick and easy. There is also a classifieds section to help our customers buy/sell/trade gear with other studio engineers.

Pro Audio Consulting:

Looking to build a studio, enhance your current offerings, or figure out ways to grow your business? AudioLot's pro audio consulting solutions offer you the ability to work one on one with an AudioLot consultant no matter what your situation may be. We have the ability to travel anywhere in the world and assist you with putting together the solution you've always imagined. Read more about this solution by clicking the link above.

Shipping Policies & Guidelines:

AudioLot has customers all over the world and we make it our responsibility to assist you with getting the gear you need quickly and easily. For most shipments in the continental USA, shipping expenses are covered, and the price you see on our website, is the price to your door. However, there are many of our customers requiring expedited or out of the country shipments. This is where everything is laid out in detail, and if you need help, we're always here.

Low Price Guarantee:

AudioLot takes great pride in each and every customer we have, and it is for that reason that we always want our customers to feel confident that they are getting the best deal, both in terms of price and consulting services. If you've found a lower price on another USA authorized dealer's website or print ad for an identical product we carry, we want to know about it. We'll either match or beat the price you've found. Read the details here.

Refund/Return Policy:

AudioLot takes great care in each of our customer's purchases. Have a question about a product, a manufacturer, or maybe just a question about what the right move is for your studio? We're here to consult with before, during and after the sale. This is also why we have a strict refund/return policy in place. Before you purchase, we want to ensure that all your questions have been answered and the gear is right for you. Read the policy here.

AudioLot Studios Demo Room:

Not only do we provide production/recording/mixing services, but we also use the studio as a demo room to help with the decision making process. We have gear from each manufacturer we deal with and everything is setup in our control room to allow you the ability to touch, see, and hear in person. We have a full Avid Pro Tools HD|3 Accel system running on the Mac platform, so you can easily bring your own session when you come to try out a piece of gear. Looking at a microphone but want to hear it in person? No problem, bring in one of your sessions or create a new one here and record something with that mic. From compressors/converters, to mics/software, we know that once you hear it in person you'll fall in love. Call us to setup an appointment today!