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SoundToys Speed audio software plugin for Pro Tools AS lets you take control of the tempo and the pitch with three different modes and no glitchy pitch artifacts. Change the tempo of drum loops, shift the key of a bass line, and so much more


In the Simple Mode, the first screen you see, you can easily speed up or slow down tempo or raise and lower pitch. Audition in real-time and see if it's the sound you want. You can even use your ear to tune a loop to your song. Or try slowing down the tempo while raising the pitch or vice versa for interesting effects. By the way, SPEED also works with DigiDesign's TCE (Time compression expansion) Tool to integrate right into Pro Tools. Simple, fast, and great sound.

Getting Graphic

The second mode is Graphic mode. Perhaps the most creative of the three, Graphic Mode lets you draw lines to slowly change pitch or tempo or both, independent of each other, over time. You can even see your waveform behind the graph to make it easy to do interesting effects, or subtle time shifting to fixing tempo errors in a file. You can even use it to make minor tempo shifts on overly quantized files to add a bit more humanity.

Calculated Effort

In the Calculator Mode there is no effort. Simply enter in the tempo of your beat and the new tempo you want and "voila". Same for the key, enter the current key, then the one you need and it's just that easy. Whatever suits your needs there's a mode that makes it easy.


  • AudioSuite Only (because that's the way it needs to be)
  • Also included in the SoundToys TDM Effects bundle
  • Also included in the SoundToys Native Effects bundle
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP/Vista/7 (Must comply with Pro Tools compatibility) and have an iLok hardware key
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 7+ LE, HD and HD Accel

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