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SoundToys PitchDoctor audio software plugin for Pro Tools TDM is a natural pitch correction tool with both automatic and score control modes to correct out of tune vocals or instruments.

Like it or not, tuning vocals has become a big part of producing music. When SoundToys created PitchDoctor, they wanted a pitch correction tool that was more "auto" than what was out. They also wanted it to be as natural as possible, not robotic (Not that anything's wrong with being a robot.) PitchDoctor has a smooth correction with a natural sound thanks to SoundToys formant correction mode that keeps out the "chipmunks". They also built in "Score Control", a unique way to tweak the tuning that is much more intuitive. Smooth, natural and easy. The way tuning should be.

Minor Surgery

In automatic mode PitchDoctor will correct your vocal based on the scale you choose. The keyboard display will read out the pitches it sees so you can get an idea (In case your singer didn't have one) of where the pitch is really falling. You can choose a new scale or customize one to fit the tune. If you need a bit more help, nudge the sensitivity and listen again. With Formant correction on, PitchDoctor is virtually invisible. Like the singer actually sang in tune.

Score One for SoundToys

Graphic editing can be daunting. SoundToys wanted to fix that. Enter Score Control. With Score Control you select the audio that needs to be tuned, and let PitchDoctor analyze it. PitchDoctor then writes the pitches into the automation of Pro Tools. Yep, all that info right there for you to edit with the same editing styles and tools you've been using. Need that C sharp to be a C? Just drag to down. Easy, and if you need to go back and adjust it again later, you don't have to dig up the original track and retune.

Formant what?

Formant is like the timbre or character of the voice. It's what makes a female voice be high in pitch without sounding like a chipmunk. So why does it matter in a pitch corrector? In short, it makes sure that any pitch changes that happen stay in line with the timbre of the voice. Subtle? Maybe, but that's why it sounds more natural than other pitch correction tools. It's the kind of detail that has turned many professional engineers from auto tuners into pitch doctors.


  • TDM Only (for now)
  • Also included in the SoundToys TDM Effects bundle
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP/Vista/7 (Must comply with Pro Tools compatibility) and have an iLok hardware key
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 7+, HD and HD Accel

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