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The SPL Transducer analog cabinet & microphone simulator for guitar amplifiers has independent loudspeaker characteristics, no latency, and was designed in partnership with Tonehunter in Germany.

In studio and on stage the SPL Transducer replaces the guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s) so that the time and resource-intensive microphone processing of this loud sonic source is no longer necessary.

In addition the SPL Transducer offers much more sonic flexibility and variety than a single mike and cabinet setup because it allows for varied speaker and mic simulations while retaining all the features of individual setups (such as the ability to vary level-dependent loudspeaker characteristics and microphone distances).


  • Authentic sound qualities and real time response for the guitar player – in contrast to digital simulations with latencies in processing
  • Independence from volume levels during performances or recording sessions
  • Independence from room acoustics in recordings
  • Provides for a live signal in recording quality without crosstalk from miking
  • Great space and weight reduction in transport

The Advantages:

The SPL Transducer supplants at least four loudspeaker cabinets, two high quality microphones, their preamp, a good room ambiance and, at any time, the amplification may be cranked up. Moreover, the entire Transducer usage is highly intuitive and requires no prior microphone expertise.

  • The Transducer offers a unique ability for the guitarist during production performance to hear a true playback and then adjust his playback to the moment in the control room.
  • Fully analog construction for the highest authenticity in sonic quality and outstanding playability through direct, latency-free response.
  • * Critical parts are carefully selected for exceptional sonic characteristics. In these days of mass production, SPL still selects their OP amps only after listening to them and rejects those lacking in their required exceptional sonic characteristics. This also applies to their top flight foil condensers and individually built High-Z transformers from renowned German manufacturer Lehle.
  • The Transducer replaces all major cabinet and microphone types, thereby enormous savings in cost and space in transport, on stage, or in the studio.
  • Processing is independent from absolute volume levels, which means that no recording room is necessary and ear-saving work is possible everywhere and at any time.
  • The Transducer is much more flexible than a fixed cabinet/mic set in that all important loudspeaker and cabinet types, as well as dynamic and condenser microphones can be simulated.
  • Multiple guitar tracks can be "stacked" - the doubled layers become "bigger and fatter". In the process, there will not be any thinning effect from phase shifts as with digital simulation.
  • 200-Watt Power Soak: The power amp's distortion may, as with cabinets, be integrated into an authentically distorted sonic design.
  • Resulting recorded sounds are independent from room characteristics - what you hear is what you get.
  • Signals for live mixes are at recording quality level and free from crosstalk from other sound sources.
  • As on-stage recording loudspeakers are not needed any in-ear monitoring is done at safe-hearing levels as the cabinet must not be drowned out.
  • Significantly less time spent and much more efficiency and convenience in equipment setup, preparation, and working with sound variations.
  • Working procedures and connections follow customary standards of amp and cabinet sets.
  • Live application advantage: It is extremely easy to achieve a dry-wet-wet setup. The amp signal passes via "Speaker Thru", for a dry direct signal and the Transducer line out is connected to the effects machine; FX left and right out provides a wet signal on stage.
  • Live application advantage: two line outs with separate balancing drivers - the Transducer provides for both FOH and stage routings.

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