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Revolver is a high-powered convolution reverb audio software plugin that drives like no other, providing total impulse response sculptability, dedicated and routable EQ, two syncable delay lines, and specialized stereo imaging for unprecedented control.

The Revolver plugin uses convolution to extract and replicate acoustic spaces and other equipment exactly. It combines this extraordinary processing power with the flexibility only found in ultra high end outboard reverbs.

Revolver has two bands of dedicated shelving EQ and three additional bands of routable EQ. The EQ routing system has eighteen different insert combinations. Revolver's two programmable delay lines have five different possible insert combinations. The delay lines are each 3 seconds long and can be panned and sync'd to MIDI beat clock independently for a variety of tempo-based effects. Additionally, all parameter adjustments are heard immediately, and the outputs are not muted during any control updates. The user does not need to wait while the reverb is 're-rendered'.

In addition to the usual reverb length, wet and dry mix controls, EQ and delay, Revolver adds positive and negative predelay, controls for the articulation and overall attack of the sampled impulse, as well as other specialized stereo field controls. Separate from the delay lines, the split delay feature can be used to create an image shift of up to 50 msec, between the left and right channels. The split dampening and selectable diffusion controls can accentuate an image shift in the frequency domain.

The optional three band crossover provides control over the specific tonal characteristics of the reverb tail over time, separating out the lows, mids and highs. This is applied directly to the impulse response essentially rendering on the fly and saving on system overhead.

Revolver's Level page allows adjustment of the wet, dry, original input, and final output levels. The level faders are calibrated like most large format mixing consoles for smooth and familiar response when auditioning and automating reverb levels.

Convolution is known to be computationally expensive. Revolver is a highly optimized convolution engine, and to help maximize the power of your system Revolver provides selectable latency modes and Tail Cut controls to save your computer from having to process signals that are inaudible. When using a higher buffer size and the Low Latency mode output delay can be as low as 0 samples. When the user adjusts the playback buffer size of their DAW, Revolver will also check which latency mode has been selected and automatically choose the best one.

Revolver is what convolution reverb was always meant to be.

Many impulse responses are named with reference to reverbs from other manufacturers. These companies are not affiliated in any way with McDSP, nor do they endorse the Revolver audio plugin software. The trademarks of these companies are used solely for the purpose of describing the sounds produced by the McDSP Revolver plug-in. All Trademarks are property of their respective owners. - Pro Tools™ is a registered trademark of Avid, Inc.

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