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The MC2000 is a high-end, multiband compressor audio plugin designed to emulate any compressor or create custom compressors, in two, three, and four band configurations. Imagine a three band stereo compressor with a dbx165 on the low-band, a Neve 33609C on the mid-band, and a Teletronix LA2A on the high-band. These kinds of configurations, nearly impossible previously, are only presets away in the MC2000 audio plugin software. The addition of simultaneous metering of band inputs/outputs, compression gains, and final output, crossover and compression curve displays, automation of every control, and the ability to recall it instantly with a single preset make the MC2000 the multiband compressor for the next millennium.

Each compression band of the MC2000 uses the award winning CompressorBank algorithms and controls giving the user complete control of dynamic compression. Common controls such as Output (make-up gain), Threshold, Compression (Ratio), Attack, and Release are provided. In addition to the standard controls, the actual shape and response of the compression curve can be adjusted with the Knee and Bite controls. Knee softens the compression curve, creating a smoother response. Bite gives the compressor the ability to allow signal transients to pass uncompressed, while the overall compression response is unchanged. These controls allow the user to emulate responses of their favorite vintage gear. The MC2000 gives the user complete control of multiband dynamic compression.

The crossover sections in the MC2000 are steep 24 dB/oct filters, minimizing cross-talk between the compression bands. These filters are taken directly from FilterBank, the most highly regarded digital equalizer on the Pro Tools platform.

Multiple peak detection circuit types provide flexibility only previously achieved by owning different compression units. Steep 24 dB/oct crossover filters, taken from our award winning FilterBank plug-in, minimize signal leakage into adjacent compression bands.

Variation of basic models are available in MC2000:

  • Type1:
    Pure peak detection
  • Type2:
    Pure peak detection combined with adaptive release times, plus a secondary release control
  • Auto:
    Signal levels are automatically tracked.

Modeling Analog Compressors with the MC2000

The MC2000 plug-in uses the compression algorithms from the CompressorBank plug-in. Thus the MC2000 plug-in can model a wide variety of vintage and contemporary compressor implementations - IN MULTIBAND CONFIGURATIONS. Imagine a dbx 165 on the lows, a Neve 33609C on the mids, and a LA2A on the highs! Such configurations would not have been attainable otherwise.

The presets emulate the responses of analog gear, as measured by the engineering staff at McDSP. Although the names of other compressor manufacturers are mentioned here, they are in no way affiliated with McDSP.

The MC2000 plugin presets are inspired by compressors such as the Urei 1176 LN, Teletronix LA2A, dbx 165, Neve 33609C, Avalon Designs 2044, Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor, and Altec Lansing 9473A. The presets can be accessed from the Pro Tools plugin settings pop-up menus.


  • 2 Band
    Up to 10 mono (or 6 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD Accel dsp at 48kHz. Up to 5 mono (or 3 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD dsp at 48kHz.
  • 4 Band
    Up to 4 mono (or 2 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD Accel dsp at 48kHz. Up to 2 mono (or 1 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD dsp at 48kHz.

All Trademarks are property of their respective owners. UREI™ and Teletronix™ are trademarks of the Teletronix/Universal Audio/UREI companies; dbx™ is a trademark of the Harmon Corporation; Neve™ is a trademark of AMS Neve; Avalon 2044™ is a trademark of Avalon Designs;. Distressor is a trademark of Empirical Labs, Inc.; and 9473A is a trademark of the Altec Lansing Division of LTV Lang Altec Inc. These companies are not affiliated in any way with McDSP, nor do they endorse the MC2000 audio plugin software. The trademarks of these companies are used solely for the purpose of describing the sounds produced by the McDSP MC2000 plugin. - ProTools™ is a registered trademark of Avid, Inc.

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