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Introducing Channel G, a sophisticated analog console channel strip featuring an Expander, Gate, Compressor, Limiter, Equalizer, Filters, Sidechain, Key Input, and more. Modes for music and post production are available alongside models of the world's most popular analog mixing desks. Additionally, Channel G includes a powerful surround Compressor/Limiter configuration consisting of LR, C, LsRs, and LFE compressor sets. Each Compressor/Limiter can key from any of the 'comp sets' and may be linked in a variety of ways to suit any surround application.

The G Dynamics section uses ultra-high resolution level-detection to give accurate handling of the most complex material. The Expander/Gate has adjustable range and threshold controls as well as a continuous ratio for the most detailed edits. The Compressor/Limiter also has a continuous ratio control and is complemented by a knee control offering choices to smooth the transition into the compression region as well as between the modeled console dynamics processors. Attack times can be as fast as 0.01 msec for instant compression action (i.e. one sample at sample rates under 100 kHz). The G Dynamics section also offers high and low pass filters with selectable slopes of 6, 12, 28, and 24 dB/Oct. In addition to being fully sweep-able across the entire audible spectrum, these filters have a notch mode with four notch variants.

The G Equalizer section offers five bands of parametric EQ with switchable-shelving and gain ranges of +/- 18dB. The five bands of parametric/shelving EQ are complimented by two flexible filters identical to those found in the G Dynamics section. Like all Channel G configurations, the G Equalizer section control layout matches exactly to the center section of the Digidesign ICON control surface and supports sample rates as high as 200 kHz in Pull Up.

An analog console channel strip style configuration called G Console combines the functionality of G Dynamics and G Equalizer into a single plugin. In this configuration, Channel G can faithfully reproduce both the response and control calibrations of the most sought after analog mixing desks. These models are easily accessed directly from the console selector in the G Equalizer section and the knee control in the G Dynamics section.

The G Surround Compressor rounds out the configuration list of Channel G. The unique design of four independent, yet linkable, adjustable-knee Compressor/Limiter sets (LR, C, LsRs, and LFE) allow the G Surround Compressor to act as a standard 5.1 (or 5.0) Compressor/Limiter, or to be linked in complex ways to deal with the many challenges of surround mixing. A LFE filter with controllable frequency and slope of 24 dB/Oct is also available.


  • G Equalizer
    Up to 17 mono (or 8 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD Accel dsp at 48kHz. Up to 7 mono (or 3 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD dsp at 48kHz.
  • G Dynamics
    Up to 18 mono (or 10 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD Accel dsp at 48kHz. Up to 7 mono (or 4 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD dsp at 48kHz.
  • G Console
    Up to 8 mono (or 5 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD Accel dsp at 48kHz. Up to 4 mono (or 2 stereo) channels on a single Pro Tools HD dsp at 48kHz.
  • G Surround
    Up to 10 surround channels on a single HD Accel dsp at 48kHz. Up to 4 surround channels on a single HD dsp at 48kHz.

All Trademarks are property of their respective owners. SSL™ is trademark of the Solid State Logic Ltd.; Neve™ is a trademark of AMS Neve; and API 550™ is a trademark of the Automated Processes, Inc.(API). These companies are not affiliated in any way with McDSP, nor do they endorse the Channel G audio plugin software. The trademarks of these companies are used solely for the purpose of describing the sounds produced by the McDSP Channel G plugin. While Channel G emulates the sounds of these analog consoles, McDSP makes no representation or warranty that Channel G is identical to or duplicates these consoles.

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