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The HAMMER is a Dual Mono three band Tube EQ engineered with an ingenious filtering system that allows the even harmonics to flow thru the 12AT7 tubes filtering out unwanted noise.

The smoothness of its operation and the musical tones generated by the HAMMER makes this unit an invaluable tool for any studio.


  • Vacuum-tube design hybrid
  • 2 Hard Pass Switches
  • Two (2) High Cut Switches
  • Two (2) Low Cuts Switches
  • Two (2) Mono Three Band EQ Sections
  • Milled Aluminum Face Plate
  • Blue Jewel Lamp (Power Indicator)
  • Two (2) XLR Input Connectors
  • Two (2) XLR Output Connectors
  • Two (2) U-Rack Space
  • Two (2) 12AT7 Tubes
  • Clean and airy high end
  • Warmth, transparency, and quality sound
  • Toroid Power Transformer
  • Metal Casing
  • Milled Aluminum Knobs
  • Heavy Duty Carling Toggle Power Switch

Technical Specifications:

Noise Floor: -94dbm with a 30KHz Bandwith
Frequency Response: -3dB points are 5Hz and 40KHz
Low Boost: +13dB
Low Cut: -13dB
High Boost: +13dB
High Cut: -13dB
Low Pass: 84Hz
High Pass: 8Khz
Floating "Q"
Distortion: +4dbm
Power Requirements: 120/230 VAC - 42 Watts
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 19" x 3.5" x 10"
Weight: 10 lbs.(Shipping weight 12 lbs.)

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