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Here is a listing of all the products from Sound Performance Lab (SPL). Please choose the product you'd like detailed information on from the results below. The product image, info and options button, and product name are all links to the product they surround in order to make it easy to access the information you need.

Sound Performance Lab (SPL) Product Listing:

2Control Info and Options


Monitor and headphone control allowing for two sets of speakers, two input sources a sub and more

Auto-Dynamic De-Esser Info and Options

Auto-Dynamic De-Esser

A highly specialized audio tool for removing undesired sibilant frequencies without compromise

Channel One Info and Options

Channel One

Hi-def recording channel with a tube pre, de-esser, comp, eq, headphone monitor and more

DynaMaxx Info and Options


Dual 2181 VCA dynamics processor with a compressor, de-compressor, noise gate and more

Frontliner Info and Options


Tube channel strip including a mic preamp, a de-esser, an EQ and a compressor in only 2U

Gainstation 1 Info and Options

Gainstation 1

Single channel microphone and instrument preamp with an adjustable tube stage

GoldMike MK2 Info and Options

GoldMike MK2

Two channel hybrid preamp with transistor and tube stages and no preamp stage ICs

Kultube Info and Options


Stereo compressor with adjustable tube harmonics and discrete solid state gain cells

MixDream Info and Options


Summing unit with 16 inserts allowing the integration of analog equipment in digital production

MixDream XP Info and Options

MixDream XP

Analog summing unit with 16 channels plus the ability to link two or more MixDream units

MTC-2381 Info and Options


Central analog volume control for stereo monitoring, including a cue mix and talkback functions

Passeq Passive Equalizer Info and Options

Passeq Passive Equalizer

A powerful passive EQ with 72 passive filters per channel and 12 switchable freq. ranges

SMC-2489 Info and Options


Surround Monitor Controller with excellent audio quality offering speaker and source management

Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T Info and Options

Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T

Tube based stereo program eq, expander, and dynamics processor for all musical situations

Track One Info and Options

Track One

Complete mono channel strip including a mic-pre, de-esser, eq, compressor and more

Transducer Info and Options


2U rack mount analog cabinet and microphone simulator for guitar amplifiers with no latency

Transient Designer 2 Info and Options

Transient Designer 2

Two channel revolutionary dynamic processor using differential envelope technology

Transient Designer 4 Info and Options

Transient Designer 4

Four channel revolutionary dynamic processor using differential envelope technology

Volume2 Info and Options


Stereo monitor controller allowing volume adjustment, as well as mute functions

Volume8 Info and Options


8 channel surround monitor volume and mute controller dedicated solely to level control