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Software & Plugins Product Listing:

Audio Ease Altiverb 7 Info and Options

Audio Ease Altiverb 7

The original and industry standard convolution reverb software for music and post

Audio Ease BarbaBatch Info and Options

Audio Ease BarbaBatch

Professional batch sound file conversion software for Mac OS X supporting up to 192kHz

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle Info and Options

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle

7 legendary Lexicon reverbs with hundreds of presets for AU, VST, and RTAS environments

McDSP Analog Channel Info and Options

McDSP Analog Channel

AC1 analog gain staging digital pre-amp, channel emulator and AC2 analog tape machine emulator

McDSP Channel G Info and Options

McDSP Channel G

Console strip with an Expander, Gate, Compressor, Limiter, EQ, Filters and Neve/SSL emulation

McDSP Classic Pack Info and Options

McDSP Classic Pack

ProTools bundle including Analog Channel, CompressorBank, FilterBank and MC2000

McDSP CompressorBank Info and Options

McDSP CompressorBank

Analog saturation modeled dynamic compression including emulations of the LA2A, 1176 and more

McDSP Emerald Pack Info and Options

McDSP Emerald Pack

Tons of McDSP plugins including Analog Channel, Revolver, Channel G, MC2000, ML4000 and more

McDSP FilterBank Info and Options

McDSP FilterBank

Every eq ever made with presets inspired by the Neve 1084, Avalon 2055, GML 8200 and more

McDSP MC2000 Info and Options

McDSP MC2000

Multi-Band compressor designed to emulate any other compressor or create custom compressors

McDSP ML4000 Info and Options

McDSP ML4000

Mastering limiter including ML1 single-band limiter and ML4 multi-band compressor/limiter

McDSP Retro Pack Info and Options

McDSP Retro Pack

Plugin bundle including the Retro EQ, Compressor and Limiter for the ultimate vintage audio vibe

McDSP Revolver Info and Options

McDSP Revolver

Convolution reverb providing total impulse response sculpting, routable eq and more

Slate Digital FG-X Info and Options

Slate Digital FG-X

Mastering software plug-in in RTAS, VST, & AU formats utilizing Intelligent Transient Preservation

Slate Digital Trigger Info and Options

Slate Digital Trigger

Drum replacement plug-in with phase accurate multi layered triggering and 127 velocities

Slate Digital VCC Info and Options

Slate Digital VCC

Console emulation of the highest caliber including SSL, Neve, API, and Trident for VST, RTAS, & AU

SoundToys Crystalizer Info and Options

SoundToys Crystalizer

Inspired by the Crystal Echoes preset in the H3000 this plug-in offers huge sonic manipulations

SoundToys EchoBoy Info and Options

SoundToys EchoBoy

Analog delay, echo and chorus plug-in modeled after some of the great vintage gear

SoundToys FilterFreak Info and Options

SoundToys FilterFreak

Analog filtering plugin allowing complete flexibility and modeled after classic filtering hardware

SoundToys Native Effects Info and Options

SoundToys Native Effects

Six plugin bundle for native workstations that want that fat warm analog sound in their mixes

SoundToys PhaseMistress Info and Options

SoundToys PhaseMistress

Classic phase shifting from some of the most sought after phase devices of all time

SoundToys PitchDoctor Info and Options

SoundToys PitchDoctor

Pitch correction tool featuring both automatic and score control modes to give you natural sounds

SoundToys PurePitch Info and Options

SoundToys PurePitch

Pitch shifting plugin that will shift vocal formants as well for natural sounding creations

SoundToys SoundBlender Info and Options

SoundToys SoundBlender

Multi-effects plugin featuring dual delay, pitch-shifting, filters, chorus, flange and lots more

SoundToys Speed Info and Options

SoundToys Speed

Tempo and pitch control plugin with three different modes to get what you need without artifacts

SoundToys TDM Effects Info and Options

SoundToys TDM Effects

All the SoundToys plugins in one package for Pro Tools TDM, RTAS, AS, VST, and AU

SoundToys Tremolator Info and Options

SoundToys Tremolator

Tremolo effect plugin modeled after famous guitar amps and the Wurlitzer electric piano

Src Elements Source-Connect Info and Options

Src Elements Source-Connect

Enables audio connections between digital audio systems anywhere in the world using the Internet

Src Elements Source-Live Info and Options

Src Elements Source-Live

Enables world-wide access to your studio, allowing clients to listen in via Internet streaming

SSD SSD4 Platinum Info and Options

SSD SSD4 Platinum

The most complete digital drum suite on the market - RTAS, VST, AU and standalone midi plug-in