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Monitors & Headphones Product Listing:

Lynx Hilo Info and Options

Lynx Hilo

Two channel A/D & D/A converter with touch screen, monitor control, and headphone amplifier

SPL 2Control Info and Options

SPL 2Control

Monitor and headphone control allowing for two sets of speakers, two input sources a sub and more

SPL Channel One Info and Options

SPL Channel One

Hi-def recording channel with a tube pre, de-esser, comp, eq, headphone monitor and more

SPL MTC-2381 Info and Options

SPL MTC-2381

Central analog volume control for stereo monitoring, including a cue mix and talkback functions

SPL SMC-2489 Info and Options

SPL SMC-2489

Surround Monitor Controller with excellent audio quality offering speaker and source management

SPL Volume2 Info and Options

SPL Volume2

Stereo monitor controller allowing volume adjustment, as well as mute functions

SPL Volume8 Info and Options

SPL Volume8

8 channel surround monitor volume and mute controller dedicated solely to level control