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In this day and age of PT|HD, Nuendo, Cubase and other DAW platforms allowing for the delay compensated integration of outboard gear into the mixing environment, we are seeing a growing number of studios placing more than 16 channels of A/D and D/A in their environment. Coupling that with the outboard analog gear we and know and love, a 96pt. TT patchbay just doesn't cut it anymore. So many of these studios are being forced to purchase multiple patchbays and deal with the problems associated with normaling between them. For instance, if you have 32x32 A/D & D/A plus 8 mic-pre's, a few compressors, some eq's, delays/reverbs, etc. (not too mention the microphones themselves so that you can try out all your different mic-pre's) you are way over a standard 48x48 configuration.

We've solved these issues by creating a 192pt. TT Bantam Patchbay with standard TASCAM wired DSUB connections on the rear (the same as the Lynx Aurora, Digi 192, and Apogee Converters), all in a 3U rack space, with the extra room for easy to read labels and outstanding audio quality that Audio Accessories is famous for producing.

Here are a few additional points of interest:

  • Channel by Channel" normal & grounding configuration utilizing Quick-Switch technology (allowing you to configure the bay without pulling it out and taking things apart)
  • Rows 1&2 are normalled to rows 3&4 (so you can put all your outputs & microphones on the top two rows and all your inputs on the bottom two rows)
  • Large labeling strips with nice plastic slides (making it very easy to read your patch points)
  • Route analog or digital signals (all wiring is 110ohm)
  • Stress relief tray on the rear of the unit
  • No problems using phantom powered microphones
  • Independent grounding posts for each row located on the rear of the unit
  • Built to the highest broadcast quality specifications
  • Lifetime Guarantee


5.25" = height
19" = width
7.63" = depth


16 lbs. (21 lbs. shipping weight including packaging)

Here's what some of our users are saying about the AudioLot Mixbay

The MixBay integrates perfectly with my ProTools HD studio & outboard gear. It allows me to have my outboard normalled to my converters so I can insert hardware just like plug-ins. The best part is that the switchable MixBay normalling configurations for each channel allows me to change my setup as my gear list changes without having to re-solder anything. Plus, the D-Sub connectors make wiring nice and clean, without worrying about solder connections going bad. Life is much easier these days! - Zach Ziskin

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