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Description & Features:

After four long years of development, AudioLot released the CRC (Control Room Concept) in 2005. Designed with the engineer in mind, this furniture provides an outstanding and truly professional look and feel as well as two independent ISO Boxes, and best of all, no early reflections that get in the way of that perfect mix.

The concept was created by AudioLot's Joshua Aaron and the finishing touches and physical creation were completed by Sterling Modulars' Jim Maher. Jim's history of excellence when it comes to designing custom pro audio furniture for the highest quality environments made him an obvious choice for this venture and he came through with flying colors. Jim designed the ISO Boxes with a 45db reduction in sound/noise on each side as well as came up with the architecture that allow for no early reflections to exist. Jim's team took the approved drawings and went to work. What they delivered was even better than what we at AudioLot had hoped for.

Two engineers can sit at the desk (side by side) comfortably and in the perfect listening position. A rail system that houses the durable broadcast quality LCD and monitor arms allows you to place your displays and monitors wherever you are most comfortable in your environment.

So, how big a room do you need for all of this? - 15'x14' (the CRC is 12'x4.5' so a 15'x14' room provides more than adequate space to house the CRC in a comfortable environment)

The idea behind this concept was the fact that there are tons of studios nowadays that don't have immense amounts of space for all of their gear. Instead of constantly turning around during a mix to make adjustments and twisting around again to hear what's going on, you can now reach out right in front of you, just as you would on a large format analog console, and make your adjustments in the listening position. Everything is setup to feel like you are working on a large console, but instead of having the expense of a large console (that most small/medium studios cannot afford and most digital environments no longer need) you can place all your rack gear (pre's, eq's, compressors, etc.) at your fingertips and with the power of today's top software such as Nuendo 3 and ProTools HD|Accel you can use your outboard gear in real-time during the mix process.

Built with the highest quality solid wood and made by hand (customized components are available upon request), the AudioLot CRC can turn your control room into an outstanding environment. If you wish to see it in person, simply come by the AudioLot Demo Room and sit down for yourself. Feel free to bring a mix of your own and put it up on our system.


The ISO Box is a key element of the CRC and there are two of them in the design (one on either end of the console acting as the structures far right and left legs). The right side has a custom built PowerMac G5 (or Mac Pro) tray (as shown in the picture - and the tray will also work for any PC as the G5 is a bit larger than most PC's - if you have a rack mount PC the tray can be removed and swapped out for another full ISO Box of rack space at no additional charge)

along with space to rack more gear above, and the left side is all rack spaces. There are doors both on the front and rear of each ISO Box and the rear of each ISO Box has a specialized, temperature controlled, fan system installed and mounted on the door that takes all the heat from inside and funnels it out through various tunnels and a rear vent in order to keep the gear running at optimal performance.

The front door has a special acoustic glass window and two clamps to open and close the door.

Placing computers, amplifiers, external hard drives, and any other noisy gear (or gear that you don't need to see or touch while mixing/recording) in the ISO Box allows you to create a beautiful working environment that is virtually silent. This allows you to (virtually) silently keep watch over your noisier gear when the door is shut. When you close the clamps an airtight seal is created that keeps the noise from coming out into the mix room.


The display arms allows you to mount an LCD display (up to and including the 30" Apple Cinema Display) and adjust it up, down, forward, backwards and side to side as you deem necessary.

Additionally, for multiple display setups or broadcast solutions that require 2 or more displays, you can easily place additional arms on the rail and locate them wherever it is most comfortable to you (each being completely adjustable for your needs).

The CRC comes with a single display arm and additional arms may be purchased.

You may purchase whatever monitor stands you wish, if you have larger speakers, or if you are using small speakers, you may purchase monitor arms that fit on the rear rail system).

Cable Management

We think everyone in the world of pro audio has tired of all the cables laying around the floors during a session, let alone the cleanup work that has to be done after every session. In order to help eliminate that issue, the CRC was designed with cable management at every turn. From the ISO boxes to the rear panels that are removable without tools, the CRC allows you access to every portion of the desk and has openings to run all of your cabling.

Once you wire up all your gear, you'll find that the only thing you need to do when switching cables here and there throughout the session, is to simply open a panel or a door and plug in what you need (or swap inputs as you desire). We recommend the use of Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse, but even if you have a wired keyboard/mouse setup (or a PC without Bluetooth), there are ports that you can run your cables through in order to hide them as much as possible. The ISO boxes were designed so that Bluetooth and other wireless technologies can get through without any interference.

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